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Our mission is to provide a full spectrum of programs focused toward reducing the social, health, and financial impact on our families and children from all types of drug abuse. CoRR has been saving and improving lives through substance abuse treatment and mental health services since 1974. Growing over the years to meet the needs of the community, CoRR now provides a full range of programs throughout Northern California communities in Placer and Nevada Counties. All of our programs have a primary focus on the family system.This unique model has become a successful local solution for addressing substance use disorders and a model for other communities seeking to address our nation’s most costly chronic disease. This gives people the best chance for success, and our success rates are higher than national averages. Over 4,000 individuals found recovery at CoRR in this past year, through multiple programs. CoRR embraces a whole-person approach in treating substance abuse, related addictions and associated behavioral issues with a primary focus on the family system. This holistic approach to recovery and wellness means offering our clients a full range of services to support complete and enduring recovery. We offer a high quality, structured, personalized array of services to each client, and their family.

CoRR's Programs

  • Primary Health Care:
  • Residential/ Inpatient Withdrawal Management:
  • Transitional Housing:
  • Child and Family Development:
  • Adolescent Services:
  • Outpatient Treatment:

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