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Florence Fuller Child Development Centers (FFCDC) knows that it takes a village to raise a child and strengthen a family and our goal is to remain a premier provider of child and family education and support services for low-to moderate-income families living in southern Palm Beach County.

FFCDC is the only nonprofit organization in Palm Beach County currently addressing afterschool programming, summer camp programs, early childhood education, behavioral health counseling, family financial planning, nutrition education, parenting education,  parent employment, job training, assistance with navigating access to preventative healthcare,  affordable housing and other social services, and a social support network, under one roof working collaboratively with other nonprofits in the community which makes us a unique and essential component of creating better communities in South Florida.

Our organization currently operates two nationally accredited child development centers in east and west Boca Raton that served more than 700 children in 2013 and continues to provide exceptional early childhood education and family services year-round.  Amidst the affluence of Palm Beach County, more than 25% of families with young children are living in poverty. More than 90% of the children we serve are living at or below the Federal Poverty Level, and 65% are from single-parent homes. More often than not, our parents are the working poor, employed in minimum-wage jobs, disabled, enrolled in career training programs, still in high school, or working their way through college.  They want a better life for their children away from the daily struggles of poverty, and we work to ensure that their children receive the best possible start in life by establishing a solid foundation of knowledge, trust, understanding and tolerance.  

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For more information about FFCDC, please visit www.ffcdc.org.

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