Using Facebook to Drive Vehicle Donations

Your organization’s Facebook page is a powerful tool to engage your donors and gain more supporters. We recommend using your Page to get the word out about your vehicle donation program. Here are some ways you can use Facebook to make the most out of your vehicle donation program.
Change your profile picture or cover photo
We recommend changing your profile picture or timeline cover photo to include a vehicle donation icon during peak car donation fundraising seasons (July/Aug, Oct/Nov and March/April). We can design profile pictures and cover photos that include your logo and any language you would like to include.
Post on your timeline
Try posting reminders about your vehicle donation program to your Facebook timeline on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. Highlight these posts by clicking the drop-down menu on the top right of a post and clicking the ‘Highlight’ setting. This makes your post the full width of your page and will help grab your followers’ attention when they look at your timeline.
Post Donor Stories
We have found that the most effective way to promote your vehicle donation program is by sharing the stories of past donations. Post pictures and short stories of your past car donors to your Facebook page. Every time a follower likes a photo or post on your Page, it will show up in the newsfeeds of their followers. Think of all the eyeballs that will get you!
Include a link to your Car Donation Page – On posts about your car donation program, always include a link to your branded car donation page in the text included with the post. This allows your followers to easily link to your car donation page for details and more information about your program.
Get Specific
Don’t just post car donation ads or icons, engage your followers by giving specifics about your program such as, “This month, we’ve received 4 car donations from our great donors. Thanks for the support!” You could also post specifics about how you are using the proceeds from your program to fund your station’s needs.