Donate Your Car to Charity and Help the Environment

We believe in recycling the end-of-life car donations that we receive and reusing the parts to make everything from new cars and car parts to bridges, roads and even garden mulch! The oldest cars pollute far more per mile than newer cars with up-to-date emission controls. In fact, a California study found that cars that were more than 13 years of age produced 75 percent of all the pollution created by cars. Help the environment by getting your old clunker off the road and donating it to charity! Vehicle Donation to Any Charity, LLC ("V-DAC") is a Professional Fund-raiser, registered with the State of California Office of the Attorney General. It provides the vehicle donation programs that allow donors to give to any charity, church or school in the country. V-Dac is known for delivering high net revenue to recipient non-profits around the country. Click here, or call 877-999-8322 for more information or to donate your end-of-life vehicle today!