Harness Your Online Giving Potential

A report submitted by Netwits Think Tank recommended three major ways non-profits can harness their online giving potential even in the slowest periods of online income.

1. "Turn One-Time Donors into Regulars"

The report found that several organizations who implemented a year-long multi-channel campaign with first-time donors were able to retain roughly 15 percent of those initial donors.

Netwits recommends that non-profits continue or renew communication with new donors by keeping them up-to-date on their performance and reminding them of how their donation helped the organization. This communication can be established via email, e-newsletter or social media.

2. "Ask Carefully"

During slow online earning periods, organizations should launch messaging campaigns that are tailored to each prospective donor. These "online asks" should include a detailed description of your organization's goals and projections. The report recommends they be used at a slightly increased rate during slower months to give your non-profit a boost.

3. "Look at other Perspectives"

The report recommends that non-profits take the time to look at their website from the perspective of their audience. Does it meet their needs? Navigate your site as a prospective donor might. Is it easy to find the "Donate" page? Make sure to monitor your page views as you make changes to your site's architecture.

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